Boston rock

6 Apr

One thing that I love about Boston that never seems to change or get old is the fact that this city has one kick ass music scene. My vinyl and CD collections would like the chance to kick your ass if you disagree.

Tomorrow night, for instance, I’m heading to the Plough and Stars to see Shepherdess. Singer/guitarist Hilken Mancini has always been one of my favorite Boston rockers, and I’m glad she’s back making music again since her old band Fuzzy stopped making music in the 90’s.

Another 90’s rocker who is still at it is the lovely Juliana Hatfield.

Juliana Hatfield today announced her new album will be recorded this month, with thanks in part, to you. Using a platform that is more accustomed to unknown bands trying to beg for funding to make their albums, Hatfield has decided to get in on that action.

Would you care to spend the day in the studio while her new album is being recorded? Perhaps you would like to Skype with her for 15 minutes? Maybe one of her original workbooks full of scribbles and partial lyrics would be more suited to your tastes? How about getting your name in the album credits? Or maybe you’re one of those fans that would like to purchase a lock of her hair? (No, really, you can. And people have.)

Whatever you fancy, she’s pretty much offering it up. In exchange for helping her fund the production of the new album, you get to be a part of it, and have the chance to also get a part of her in return, in some shape or form. Go support the album. It’s a pretty safe bet it’s not going to disappoint.


2 Responses to “Boston rock”

  1. Karen May 2, 2011 at 16:01 #

    Hi Matthew!

    I linked to your blog from Joy the Baker. I like it! I’m from Boston and I love the Plough and Stars. Keep up the blog, I love it!

    • matthew May 2, 2011 at 17:15 #

      Thanks! Anyone who likes good music and good food and Boston is awesome in my book.

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