18 Apr

One of the things I enjoy just as much as eating or listening to music is receiving letters and cards in the mail. It’s right up there with bacon. And a good cocktail. Not necessarily together.

Today I arrived to my mailbox after walking home from the subway and pulled out a blue envelope addressed to me. Addressed in pen. By hand. To me. Such a pleasant break from the horribly fonted black and white letters that were keeping it company in my mail pile.

I thought originally that it was a belated birthday card for me. But upon further inspection of the return address, I realized it was a note from Joy the Baker. (Yes, click the link now, I’ll wait.)

Last week, Joy announced she would be sending 30 letters to the first 30 people who emailed her with their addresses. It was one of the things she was doing in anticipation of her turning 30 this year. So, of course I jumped on the chance to get mail.

I received a pink hand-drawn heart outlined in red with a note:

Matthew, thanks for knowing me, and for being a rando dude who reads my blog. love. joy

How awesome, right? (I could also write about how awesome that black ink with a fine tip pen was used in the composition of the note. or that the body was written in all lowercase letters. or that Joy has the type of handwriting that just begs for more letters to be written. or that the card has a freaking letter pressed “Joy” with design. I mean, I could write about all that, but that would be weird.)

Now, I’m off to compose a note to my favorite pen pal of all time. A friend in L.A. with whom I was writing back and forth on a regular basis up until last year (writing even though we talked in some shape or form a few times a week). For some reason, sending of post ceased. I have a stockpile of cards purchased with the intention of making their way to her door, and now, finally, they’ll be on their way.

So thanks, Joy, for brightening my day. And also for providing me with delicious (no really, AMAZING) food ideas! And also for rekindling my letter writing/sending via the USPS.


3 Responses to “Penpals.”

  1. shari April 18, 2011 at 23:09 #

    yay! you got one!!!

  2. Erica May 3, 2011 at 06:49 #

    Just stumbled upon your blog via Joy the Baker. Great posts!! I am hopeful that one day soon I will open my mailbox to a brightly colored envelope from Miss Joy…fingers crossed!!


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