Urban Exploring: Rural Edition.

20 Sep

As someone who has always been enamored by things with a tangible past life, I was excited to stumble upon an old train depot and warehouse in the middle of the New England woods. I’ve seen this place before but had never had the time to really explore the grounds. Over the Labor Day weekend holiday, Joey and I grabbed the camera and headed out to take a look over at this place. We both took some photos, and below are some of the ones that I captured.

I really like how the old platform has been reclaimed by nature, like major cities are in that History channel show “Life After People”.  The extended version of the platform leads out into the forest, and even though trees and plants have taken back over, you can see parallel lines stretching out into the distance from once carefully plotted out dimensions.

The old signal switch is still intact, although the wires have been cut.

Peeking in the windows, there was still some furniture and other assorted items left behind. The architectural details were impressive inside at some places, considering the basic wooden design of the outside of the building. I would have loved to have gotten inside, but the doors were all locked and windows secured tightly. If there was an opening, it would have been fair game. Shining through the darkness from a room at the opposite end of the building was a partially full glass jug of liquid glowing in the depths of the depot. The wire from the windows lent to a nice effect.

Wandering around some more, we came across another building nearly hidden by the thick growth surrounding it. The door to this large wooden framed barn type structure was wide open, an invitation I was pleased to encounter. Peering inside I was greeted by an old upholstered chair.

Walking into the darkened rooms I came upon a wooden stairway. It was still secure and stable, so I climbed on up. Nothing much but some shelves and storage of random items that were probably used on a regular basis when this place was active.

All in all, it was an interesting time exploring on this property.  I’m definitely willing to head back, most especially because there was another entire building that I didn’t take a look at. It didn’t seem as interesting, but it’s probably good that something was left unexplored to bring me back there again.


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