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Maine Vacation, Part II: The food.

7 Aug

Oh, food. I love you. I love you so much. And what makes you even better is finding you on my plate in some amazing place I’ve never been before. While in Maine, I came across many of these places. Some of them were just okay. The others? Well, let’s just get started talking about them because they were just so freaking good. I’m writing about the top three places we ate at. There’s some complex mathematical equation I use to calculate it all out, but all you need to know is that it is basically a combination of atmosphere, taste and awesomeness.

The cottage where we stayed was about a 40 minute drive or so from Bar Harbor. The way that I drive anyway. (You can read about the cottage in Maine Vacation, Part 1: The Cottage.). l had never been this far up into Maine, and wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it. Bar Harbor has many different venues in which to sit and eat. So many, in fact,  that I was  drawn to one place while walking out of another. I am constantly thinking about my next meal, even when already eating/just having finished a meal.

Number 3: Morning Glory Bakery

We had stopped in at a bakery on a smaller side street after wandering around town for an hour or two. It was lunch time, I hadn’t eaten anything substantial yet. At this point, a bakery with sandwiches, cookies, breads and chocolate things was as good of a place as any.

It appeared to be the right choice, because walking in the door we were greeted by the sound of a Sleater-Kinney album being blasted out from the kitchen where about a half dozen women were busy baking breads, pies and other flour-based treasures. A woman powered feminist bakery in the middle of Maine? This was clearly my kind of place. I was especially excited to have stumbled through these doors as I was wearing my Wild Flag t-shirt I purchased recently at a show. I was hoping that perhaps someone there would make the connection. (No one verbalized their appreciation of this to me, btw.)

The shop had a really simple set up, and it was great to be able to see the workers in the back actively baking in the huge kitchen.

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