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Legal Love.

3 Oct

So back in 2004, Joey and I started up a little organization to raise money and awareness regarding the issue of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. At the time, the courts had made it legal, but the law hadn’t been implemented yet. Due to the inevitable impending legal fights from the extreme of right wing, we wanted to help out in a way other than making phone calls or canvassing. (Those are great, by the way, just not for me.)

We decided to put on benefit shows in support of gay marriage. The Boston music community took to it with open arms. We held several shows over a time span of a year or two. We had great success and were able to raise thousands of dollars for the cause of protecting equal marriage rights in Massachusetts. We couldn’t have done it without the artists who volunteered their time and talents to the cause.

Some of the bands/musicians:

  • Mary Lou Lord
  • Ad Frank
  • Rachael Cantu
  • Rachael Davis
  • Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent)
  • Paula Kelley
  • Britta Wolfrum
  • Clayton Scoble (of Francine)
  • Leah Callahan
  • Thea Hopkins
  • Kara Tondorf

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