Make your own ginger syrup / ginger ale.

27 Jun

So I love Ginger Ale. And I love any sort of drink that I can put Ginger Ale into. I don’t however, enjoy the fact that I’m drinking soda. Yes, I buy the 365 brand to make myself feel better. But what is a way to feel even less guilty about drinking soda? Making it yourself.

It’s actually pretty simple to turn this:

into this:

Once you have your ginger syrup all made, you can add it to club soda to get the perfect ginger taste of your liking. With a dash of bitters to even it all out.

Or you can add it to your favorite whiskey. With a splash of club soda. And some orange flavored bitters. And a lime.

For a recipe on how to make this syrup yourself, make your way over to Ms. Joy the Baker.

(Also, check out my interview with Joy here!)


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