Free flight to London? Why yes, I will take that.

25 Jun

It has been almost a decade since I have been in London. I haven’t been since Spring of 2002. I attended school there for a time in 2001 (preceding and during 9/11 as well as the 3 months following). I have so many incredible memories of that place (and barely any photographs).

I am going back however! And thanks to the incredibly kind folks at Virgin Atlantic Airlines, I will be flying for free! I entered a contest (The Virgin Atlantic “20 Years, 20 Tickets: Virgin Atlantic Airways’ Boston Anniversary Giveaway”), along with 85,000 of my closest friends, for a chance to win 2 of 20 round trip tickets from Logan to Heathrow, and I freaking won! I am very thankful and completely surprised. Joe(y) and I are already researching places to stay and plan on traveling around Europe a bit while we are there.

I can’t wait to get there. Check out the old haunts. See my old pals (I’m talking to you Margarita and David). Here’s a memory box Mags made me before I left complete with adverts for movies we saw, pictures of shows we went to, stickers of bands we loved and of course, a picture of Patsy and Eddie on top:

Getting excited? Yeah. I am.


One Response to “Free flight to London? Why yes, I will take that.”

  1. Diane Cristiano Petrelis June 26, 2011 at 12:50 #

    I am so happy for you. Have you decided on a time to go? Joe(y) and you, I know now, will take lots of pics to share. HMMM…lots of fun awaits. ❤

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