Backyard Eats.

20 Jun

Friday night was one of the best weather nights so far this season. It demanded that time be spent outside in the yard. Uncovering the BBQ and tossing on some incredible tasting goodness. Talking about life and gardens and drinks and so on.

My friend Kree came over and brought an amazing cut of pork that had been marinating for hours beforehand. We found some assorted accompaniments in the house, such as red potatoes and onions. Joe(y) and Kree threw together a salad (which we topped with grilled garlic scapes…OMGZ!) and dinner on the patio was served.

Instead of pork, Joe(y) had his Quorn Chik’n Cutlets which were grilled and covered with BBQ sauce. Not as good as the pork Kree and I devoured, but it was a decent substitute. You can see them here next to the potatoes on the left. For a meat eater, I don’t mind the taste of them and I admit I do eat them about as much as I eat meat.

Riley looked on waiting for any of us to drop something, but we know better. She’s got this allergy thing where she will break out in hives if she eats something other than her food. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but she does have allergies (and does break out in hives) to things like corn and garlic, and that’s in most dog foods in one shape or form.

AND THEN…there was dessert. Something Kree whipped up and transported to our house (somehow). The most delicious and enormous blueberry tart I’ve ever had.

…and then we added vanilla ice cream and lemon basil. ZOMG. Lemon Basil!? Vanilla Ice Cream?!?? Blueberry Tart?!? Why have you never met inside my mouth before all at once? You are amazing.

I love food.


One Response to “Backyard Eats.”

  1. Dana@TheSundaySweet June 24, 2011 at 19:15 #

    That dessert has stolen my heart. Yum.

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