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Roller Derby #10

7 Mar

Here’s an old photo of an old skateboard I took about two years ago. I really love the color of the board and the worn out nature of the wood.

It sat here on display in my dining room for quite some time, and now resides in the same room, but in a different location.


Vinyl Devotion.

4 Feb

I feel weird posting a blog that does not revolve around foodage. What the what? When did this become a food blog?

Sometimes I do think about things other than food. This is one of those times.

I got this lovely piece of equipment at a yard sale back in 2002. I spent $25 dollars on it. Twenty-five. It’s a Morse/Electrophonic AM/FM radio, 8-Track player and record player. It came with about 18 8-track tapes as well. (Including an Elvis Christmas, Heart, Billy Joel, Carl Perkins, and the B-52’s, amongst others).

It lights up to the beat when you play music. Or talk radio. Or NPR.

Ever had an audio/visual experience while listening to Prairie Home Companion? It’s not that exciting. I should probably stick to putting the lights on only when there are strictly songs playing. I’ll work on that. Continue reading

This weekend… Rockin’ Flea Market & Bloody Mary bash

15 Oct
T.T.’s Rockin’ Flea Market and Bloody Mary Bash is THIS Sunday (October 16th) from 11am-4pm at T.T. the Bear’s in Cambridge, Ma!
In addition to shopping, there will be…
  • Pool Tables, Ms. Pac-Man, Photo Booth
  • Bloody Marys, Spiked Cider & Mimosas
  • “Hot Dogs & Dreams” Hot Dog Stand
For sale will be a bunch of vintage items, clothing, books, vinyl, knick knacks, handmade goods and lots more stuff you just have to have.
Here is a preview of  just a few of the items I’ll be selling at my table…

Metal and cloth folding seats

Vintage pennants

Chautauqua Industrial Art Desk

Vintage "Highway Patrol" sign

Vintage trays and other misc goods

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